A bus without driver in Japan ? - Weekly Mobility News N°13 :

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Progress of the Hyperloop project

The Capgemini Group’s world leader in engineering solutions Altran said that 100 of their engineers will join the Hyperloop Transportation Technology teams in Toulouse to accelerate the commercialization of a Hyperloop passenger system.


Logo Kinto

Kinto Europe will be founded in April 2021

It is now official, the company Kinto Europe will be born. The company’s objective is to manage a wide range of products and services across the continent with an increasing transition from individual vehicle ownership to on-demand use.


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Bus autonome

A driverless bus in Japan

Let’s fly to the Land of the Rising Sun, where the first autonomous bus was launched on the public highway on November 26th by Boldly.Inc, an autonomous vehicle operator, a subsidiary of Softbank! This bus can accommodate up to 9 passengers and can travel at up to 20 km/h and makes the five-kilometer round trip around the center of Sakai in Ibaraki Prefecture.


Logo Weekendr

Startup of the week : Weekendr

Book your weekend has never been easier! Weekendr offers you the best deals for your airfare/train ticket and a panel of hotels with super-competitive rates, all on a single platform ! 


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