The Weekly Mobility News No°20 - The future of the automotive industry ?!

Every Friday, we share with you the news of the week concerning the themes of mobility, business travel and tech !

Electric charging point from Volkswagen

Volkswagen completes its electric mobility offer with a partnership with EDF

The Volkswagen & EDF groups entered into a partnership on January 15 to support their customers in electric motorization.

Kia new branding name

Automotive industry: Kia Motors Corporation becomes Kia

South Korean automaker Kia Motors Corporation withdraws the “Motors corporation” part and becomes Kia in order to mark a change in its development strategy. The company is thus changing from a car manufacturer to a provider of mobility services.

Logo Global Business Travel

Amex GBT acquires TMC Ovation Travel

GBT continues its acquisition strategy with the New York-based TMC Ovation Travel, in a travel sector that has been hard hit by the Covid-19 crisis and is restructuring.

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Wingcopter raises €22 million to develop its delivery drone

Wingcopter raises 22 million euros to accelerate the development of their delivery drone.

aviation affaires

Increasing demand in the business aviation sector

With global air traffic falling by more than 60% in 2020, however, one industry is doing rather well. Indeed, airlines have recorded a 15 – 20% increase in business aviation demand compared to 2019


Startup of the week: Mooncard earns Air France Flying blue program Miles

The FinTech startup created in 2019 has grown up well ! Since then, it has become one of the leaders in new-generation, secure and configurable corporate cards. The Mooncard corporate card can be used to pay for any business expense and fully automate its administrative management. Finally with it you can also accumulate Mile from Flying blue program from Air France company. 

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