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Réseau de taxi aérien à Los Angeles

Los Angeles wishesto expand its air cab network

Partnership between the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, the Department of Transportation, the Urban Movements Labs and the Hyundai Motor Group’s Urban Air Mobility Partnership. The goal is to plan and develop an urban air cab network in Los Angeles.

Transdev navettes autonomes sans chauffeur

Deployment of 2 autonomous driverless shuttles in the Yvelines area

Lancement d’un nouveau projet expérimental sur la mobilité autonome. A partir de mars 2021, deux navettes autonomes sans opérateur seront testées sur le site industriel des Mureaux dans les Yvelines.

Scooter électrique Red - La Fnac-Darty

Red Electric Scooter at Fnac-Darty

After scooters, bicycles and a cart, Fnac-Darty now offers electric scooters from Red Electric, a French company created in 2015.

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S1 hyundai et apple une voiture electrique autonome commune en 2024 658413

Apple & Hyundai for a stand-alone vehicle production project

Apple has been working on the development of its own autonomous vehicle for several years now. However, as with its other products, the apple brand does not wish to produce this vehicle itself, so it has approached the Korean manufacturer Hyndai.

Baidu et Geely développe un véhicule autonome

Baidu and Geely start manufacturing a stand-alone vehicle

Baidu, the most widely used search engine in China, and the manufacturer Geely is also starting to build an autonomous vehicle.

+64 % utilisation des vélos à Bruxelles

+ 64% more bicycle trips in Brussels in 2020

In 2020, the city of Brussels recorded a 64% increase in the use of bicycles as a means of travel within the Belgian capital.

Annonce du Grand Live du voyage d'affaires

The announcement of the Great Live of the business trip

The event, which brings together many players in the business travel industry, will take place online on January 21, 2021. This year’s main theme will of course focus on the pandemic crisis we are going through. To discover the full program and register for the event, please see below.

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