Major recovery plan of a French automobile giant ! - The Weekly Mobility News No° 19

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Renault presents Møbilize, its new brand dedicated to mobility services

The CEO of Renault, who announced his vast relaunch plan for the Renault group. Called Renaulution, it will take place in three phases and will impact all brands to restore competitiveness by 2025: resurrection, renovation and revolution to make the group a major player in mobility and tech.

general motors

eVTOL, autonomous vehicle, delivery… General Motors presents its vision of the future of mobility

At CES in Las Vegas, General Motors is unveiling two innovative concepts under the Cadillac brand: an eVTOL (an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) and an autonomous shuttle. The automaker also announced the creation of a new division, BrightDrop, responsible for setting up an ecosystem of vehicles and services dedicated to delivery.

TravelPerkNexTravel 1

TravelPerk acquires US business travel platform NexTravel

TravelPerk, a Spanish company that has grown into a global travel management platform, has acquired the US business travel platform NexTravel to accelerate its expansion into the US market. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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jean pierre lorente bleu business

Bleu Voyages: the business activity under the Bleu Business banner

New team, new name, new visual identity, revitalization of the website … the TMC is changing its outlook on business travel …


Betterway raises 1.5 million euros for corporate mobility

Betterway, the connected platform that makes it easier for companies to manage their employees’ travel expenses, has convinced investors of the relevance of its business model.

Korea Hyper Tube train

South Korea's Hyper-tube train hits over 1,000 km / h in test

The Korean Railroad Research Institute (KORAIL) announced that its Hyper-tube train reached speeds of over 1,000 km / h (621 mph) during a test. This marks a major achievement in the race to create the world’s fastest train system.


Start-up of the week: Skipr

A Belgian startup that surfs the MaaS thanks to its SaaS mobility solution for professionals. Indeed, it combines a mobile application to facilitate intermodal travel for employees, provides a mobility card to access many transport service providers such as for example paid for his transport ticket and handing over gasoline and finally a budget management platform allowing companies to manage their mobility budget.

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